Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2015

A convention in Atlantic City featuring all the geeky stuff we love? I have recently started to hang out in towns on the Jersey Shore for the beaches and chill environment, so it was exciting to think of yet another reason to visit but it seemed like such a strange combination of content and locale. Futurama memes immediately came to mind…


Fortunately, any dirty and ill conceived notions of a convention filled with sin were quickly abolished as we approached the Atlantic City Convention Center with cosplayers, families, and all types of fans in tow. First off, the center itself is huge and pristine. The fact that trains arrive from all over to the station adjacent to the center itself was also exciting, figuring we wouldn’t even have to drive into town next time from NYC.

The entrance set-up was familiar. Empty badge booths? Not so much. If not for the grand scale of the center itself I would have thought something was wrong. Once we finally made it to the show floor, John and I found all of the con goers we had so frantically been searching for! Albeit the floor itself was fairly small compared to other conventions we frequent, the participating exhibitors (like the Stan Lee Museum), clear celebrity backing, and plenty of vendors, gave it a strong presence. It was fun to see new and familiar booths to explore. The MARVEL stage was at the center of it all with fans and cosplayers alike surrounding it for all types of fun events. A DJ playing constant music all day long also kept me entertained, with how music centered I am. =D

When it came time for lunch, of course Atlantic City delivers plenty of choices at nearby pubs and restaurants. Heck, you could even walk a few blocks to hit up a casino and the beach… but that’s for another day!

Cosplayer group photoshoots and hanging out with new and old friends rounded out our day and experience of ACBC. It felt like a very small convention in a big city, giving it plenty of room to improve and grow throughout the rest of its years… and they have plenty of space for that at the AC Convention Center. I’m really looking forward to the new and exciting things they’ll have for us next year! Share in our experience by checking out our photo album below from our day at ACBC and as always, Believe the Hype! -Crista




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