August 2013 Furionette Needs Your Help!!

Hey there followers of our show and site!

Our August 2013 Furionette, Leida Peña, has come to us with an awesome opportunity she’s earned but needs a little help with!

The Executive Committee of  Global Beauty Masters has chosen her stylist team, Team Empire 2, to participate in the Global Beauty Masters Competition this Fall in Las Vegas. Most of the expenses are covered by the hosts themselves but unfortunately travel is not.

You can read her story and all information regarding the competition on her gofundme page she has set up at the link below. Even just some words of encouragement if you can’t donate go a long way! You can also listen to her episode and view her full profile below and all other Furionette episodes at to hear all of their wonderful stories as well! Thanks for the support!


Leida Peña GoFundMe

August 2013 Furionette Profile



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