BBCP: New Version, New Characters

ArcSystemWorks have released a trailer promoting the new version of their arcade fighting game, BlazBlue Chronophantasma. In what will likely include character rebalancing and tweaking, this new version is set to include two new characters.

One of the two is Celica A. Mercury, a character that’s featured in BBCP’s Story Mode, but now officially joins the playable cast. She seems to continue the trend of characters that use humanoid dolls to fight with them, alongside Carl and Relius Clover. Joining Celica is a returning character from the Continuum Shift installment of BlazBlue: Lambda-11. It’s rumored that Lambda was included to remove the stance switching mechanic Nu-13 possesses, but nothing can be confirmed as of yet. Lambda’s blades also take on a more feathery design to further differentiate her from Nu. Check out the trailer below and feast your eyes on what’s to come!

Source: ArcSystemWorks official YouTube channel

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