BBQ Films To Host Blade Rave At New York Comic Con!!!

Vampires of New York City: BBQ Films and Deacon Frost invite you to an epic blood rave.

This is no ordinary gathering. As the ancient prophecy foretold, you will party with the spirits of the 12 vampire houses and awaken the legendary La Magra, the Blood God. Vampires have lived among humans long enough. This October, come celebrate our rightful place atop the food chain. Spread the word. Sharpen your fangs. And plan to wear something that you don’t mind getting a little…bloody.

Step into 1998’s BLADE film at the first big Halloween party of 2015. Electronic musicians The Crystal Method headlineBLADE RAVE with support from Pictureplanea place both wonderful and strange, and DJ Choyce Hacks. All lovers of music, film, vampires, Halloween, and of course BLADE–this party’s for you. 


  • A classic rave straight out of 1998
  • A screening of the original BLADE film
  • Costumed actors bringing BLADE scenes to life
  • Sword-fighting demos from SWORD CLASS NYC
  • Vampire dance moves from THE DANCE CARTEL
  • The vampires of POISONOUS PINUPS
  • A relaxing space styled after Deacon Frost’s Lair
  • Projected visuals by Sean Dack
  • Raffles & giveaways of limited BLADE-themed merch
  • Secret special guest appearances
  • And most importantly, (synthetic) BLOOD RAIN from within Terminal 5. Step into the splash zone and experience the BLADE RAVE from the film!

Get your tickets here —> NEW YORK SUPER WEEK

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