Big Name Revealed in Amazing Spider-man Sequel!!

I called it since our review of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, in S1 Ep 26, and now it has apparently been confirmed.Mark Webb has announced on Twitter that B.J. Novak is playing the infamous Spider Slayer, Alistair Smythe.

The after credits scene of Amazing Spider-Man left many people wondering who the hunched over shadowy figure was speaking to Dr. Conners. It only made sense to me that if it wasn’t Norman Osborne (who they clearly started was practically on his death bed) it would or should be be Spencer Smythe (Alistair’s father). It felt like the correct way to go story wise with how they were going. Spider-Slayers also ended up being a big part of the Amazing Spider-Mans video game adaptation.

Let’s see how they flesh out this characters involvement in the movie! -Crista

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