Bueno RX & Joey Min “Gun Caliber” – Interview

In 2014, get ready to shoot evil in the dick.Gun Caliber_PosterSoma Kusanagi may be your average miserable Smartball Parlor employee in Tokyo’s Old Town, but when evil rears its ugly ass on the Japanese Metropolis, he transforms into the Gunslinging Superhero, Gun Caliber and fights against the evil organization known as “Skulldier”. A group hell-bent on taking over Japan right after they finish their lunch break.

Starring: Bueno, Joey Min, Sakurako Fujiwara, Megwin Karintou, Kenji Nishikatsu, Michael Kinder

Action Co-ordinator: Joey Min (Team Fist Styles)

VFX Supervisor: Mike DentMusic

Composer: Koichi Terasawa (Rider Chips)

Producers: Fernando Ramos, Mike Dent

Executive Producer: Paul Sullivan

Executive Producer/Action Director/Director: Bueno

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