Cast of the Wonder Years interview!

We talk with the cast of The Wonder Years!

Time-Life-The-Wonder-Years-0185-_EKL3737Yesterday we had the chance to sit down with the cast of the cult classic, The Wonder Years, more specifically Danica Mckellar, Olivia d’Abo, and Alley Mills. In a conference call interview we got to speak with the now three legendary actresses about their experiences on the show, their lives after and the upcoming release of The Wonder Years the full series on DVD for the first time ever.

Coming in  October this will be the first time the entire series will be available for sale on DVD, when asked what can we expect from the new upcoming DVD set Olivia d’Ado stated “the music”. obtaining the rights to all of the original music of the show has been one of the long time hurdles to releasing the full box set on DVD. Since the music was part of the story itself it was essential to get the full rights for all the music for the proper experience. Olivia also went on to praise the work done on the show and still continues to use it as the measuring bar for her other work.

Alley Mills, best known for her role as the mother on the show, happily made connections to the role she played as the Arnold’s matriarch and her personal life. Recalling she grow up in a house hold with strong feminist values, playing the stereotypical suburban housewife was at first instinct a stretch for her. After landing the role and began living inside of the character she actually gained a respect and new-found love for the Norma Arnold’s of the world.

Season6_1Danica Mckellar best known for playing Winnie Cooper, main love interest for Kevin Arnold, also touched on the importance of the show and the issues it touched on. Praising it for being ground breaking in dealing with actual kids issues. Not keeping it to serious she recalled how her first kiss was actually the first kiss scene she filmed on the show and was nervous beyond belief. Revealing that she actually beat out her own younger sister for the role, she also remarked on how she was just supposed to be on only for the first episode. Now a part of TV history that first kiss and her on-screen presence actually convinced the creators to make her a regular on the show.

Being one of the first “dramedies” on TV The Wonder Years has become part of a cultural phenomenon which all three actresses appreciate and feel honored to be a part of that history. Still to this very day all three claim they are still recognized as their characters on the streets from people of all walks of life and from all over the world. The box set will be made available for sale October 10, 2014, it is however available for pre-order on the link below. For sale will be two versions of the box set, one called The Wonder Years Experience with all 115 episodes on 26 DVD’s retailing for $249.95. The second option box set is called The Wonder Years Experience: Signature Addition, featuring all 115 eps on 26 DVD’s will also come with a CD with much of the music featured on the show, an individually signed yearbook from the cast, pins, T-shirt and more.


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