Crunchyroll Acquires Ultraman X!


Ladies and gentlemen, your Tuesday is bound to become a Kaijuu-esday (… Kai Juice Day? lol). The Crunchyroll streaming service has recently acquired simulcast rights for the newest entry in the legendary Tsuburaya franchise, ULTRAMAN X (ウルトラマンX)! It seems a new threat in the form of “Spark Dolls” have risen from the depths of the Earth and will be wreaking havoc on the surface world. The only thing standing in their way is the special defense team, XIO (Xeno Invasion Outcutters), and team member Daichi Ozora, who will become the titular hero, Ultraman X. Go check it out now, as you’ll be watching it simultaneously with Japan as it cheers on its new hero

While we’re on the subject, a little birdie flew through Genmu Space and reached me about an interesting development regarding this new series. We may be seeing episodes directed by Tokusatsu producer/director extraordinaire Koichi Sakamoto somewhere down the road! After completing work on the upcoming Korean hero show, “Gunblade”, and directing Toei Studios’ “KIRI (Occupation: Murderer) -Gaiden-“, he’s returning to bring his trademark cinematography to Ultraman once again.

I don’t know about you guys, but Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend was one of the few Ultraman productions that I found to be rather entertaining. Aside from the world-building the movie presented, its action sequences and cinematography brought a fresh and exhilarating breath of power to fights that, to me, would feel slow and clunky if it were any other Ultraman production. If you fancy yourself some Sakamoto-style action and fancy yourself some Ultramen as well, stop by Crunchyroll and get your Ultra Beam on!

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