MILWAUKIE, OR— Acclaimed YA author Dan Jolley (Warriors, My Boyfriend Is a Monster), writer Shawn deLoache and artist Marlin Shoop deliver a coming-of-age story for nerds and jocks alike!

Lifelong nerd Pete Ford’s been living two lives. In one, he’s a cool kid on the tennis team, and in the other he’s Lord Blackmane in the South Haven Action Roleplaying Club. Can Pete keep up both, especially once he falls for a fellow SHARC, or will his separate lives collide?

LARP! Volume 1 is now in comic shops and bookstores everywhere! Order your copy today at your local comic shop or through these fine retailers:

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Praise for LARP!:

“The Geek is strong with this book. SO STRONG. Jolley, DeLoache and Shoop do a fantastic job of capturing the utter awkwardness of finding your identity in the excruciating house of horrors called high school.”
Rob Guillory, artist of Chew

“LARP has the goods! Drama, comedy, romance and action rolled into one beautifully-drawn package. Are geeks superheroes? I think so—and so will you, after reading this fun tale.”
Mike Pellerito, president, Archie Comics

“LARP! pokes at my inner geek in all the right ways. We are witnessing the emergence of a whole new type of hero!”
Grant Wilson, producer of Ghost Hunters

“My memories of being a mega-geek in high school with Marlin Shoop came rushing back in vivid detail thanks to the compelling and emotional visuals created by Marlin for LARP. If you’re looking for a smart, funny read that proves comics can be about more than just superheroes, Jolley, DeLoache, and Shoop’s book is for you.”
Jeff Wadlow, writer/director of Kick Ass 2, professional nerd

LARP! Volume 1 TPB
978-1-61655-686-0 | $9.99 | 9/2/2015

LARP! Volume 2 TPB
978-1-61655-972-4 | $9.99 | 8/3/2016

LARP! Volume 3 TPB
$9.99 | 8/2/2017

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