Defend the North – Super Smash Bros. Wii U – Results

Super Smash Bros. Wii U — Results

  1. iQHQ|Vinnie (Sheik)
  2. Ho3K|Helpr (Diddy Kong, Lucario)
  3. iQHQ|JRibs (Ness)
  4. Ho3K|JohnNumbers (Wii Fit Trainer)
  5. NSM|Nick C (Captain Falcon)
  6. Ho3K|MikeKirby (Kirby)
  7. PAG|Otacon (Peach)
  8. OCV

Super Smash Bros. Wii U — Top 4 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: iQHQ|Vinnie (Sheik) eliminated Ho3K|Helpr (Diddy Kong, Lucario) 3-1.

• Losers finals: Ho3K|Helpr (Diddy Kong) eliminated iQHQ|JRibs (Ness) 3-2.

• Winners finals: iQHQ|Vinnie (Sheik) beat HO3K|Helpr (Diddy Kong) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: iQHQ|JRibs (Ness) eliminated Ho3K|JohnNumbers (Wii Fit Trainer) 2-1.

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