DOA5U: NyoTengu, September-bound!

NyoTengu, the buxom and deadly Tengu fighter, currently available in the Japanese arcade version of DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate, is now set to join the roster of fighters on September 2nd in the US and the 3rd for Europe. If Team Ninja’s previous character add-on schedules are anything to go by, we can expect NyoTengu to hit the PlayStation Store first while Xbox 360 users will have to wait the next day to purchase the character.

NyoTengu’s gameplay seems to center around flight mixups and trickery. As the only one in the roster who can fly, she should provide a hard time for the rest of the roster, unless a balance patch is included to ensure they have a fighting chance. NyoTengu joins the list of add-on characters including Marie Rose and Phase-4.

Source: Official Dead or Alive Facebook Page

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