More news from the Garage Productions front! They released an announcement on their Facebook page announcing a dedicated tutorial series detailing and demonstrating the creative process of Tokusatsu costumes and props. Below is the announcement, which follows:

“Coming soon, “The Garage: Tokusatsu Tutorials” only on GPTV!

Shot on location in Tokyo, Japan, This program will act as somewhat of an online Tokusatsu Film School and will be produced in English with the hopes of helping you, the fans, gain the fundamentals needed to get started on creating your very own Tokusatsu hero shows and Kaijuu movies!

The first few episodes will be about the creation of the hero suit starting with the helmet!”

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create your very own Henshin Hero or Kaijuu costume, this series will cater to you! Subscribe to the Garage Productions YouTube channel (@GarageProTV) and be on the lookout for the start of this series.

Image source: Garage Hero’s Facebook page

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