Gun Caliber is an action/comedy Tokusatsu film created, written and directed by up-and-coming actor/cinematographer/director, Bueno. Hard at work with this labour of several years, Bueno created this “Bootleg Edition” to appease fan demand for the movie. This version has been made public on a few limited showings via YouTube. I think the best way to put it is like this: these guns were made for blasting and that’s just what they do. Very well.

The titular character, civilian name Soma Kusanagi (portrayed by Bueno), lives in an age where the concept of altruistic heroism has become a distant memory. After the Japanese government passed legislation that regulates superhero activity, it ended up creating a sort of superhero caste system, resulting in a wave of degradation and negligence of superhero duty. What we’re treated to is a day in the life of Soma dealing with this reality in his own way: shooting villainous monsters into a bloody pulp that explodes seconds after and his adventures in the streets of a country that doesn’t appreciate him. He isn’t the most sympathetic character by any means, but that’s fine with him. He doesn’t care what you think. He’ll interrupt a major news broadcast just to show you how he performs cunnilingus with a smug grin on his face. He’ll even show up at your child’s birthday higher than a kite and scar him/her for life. It’s that irreverent attitude that keeps you wanting to see who else’s jimmies he can rustle and how he does it so unapologetically.

Of course, we can’t have Henshin Hero Tokusatsu without some hardcore fisticuffs. There’s a lot of fist exchanges that herald back to choreography from the era of Shaw Brothers kung fu flicks where every punch and kick has a purpose. Combined with Bueno’s attention on incredibly focused action shots, inspired by greats like Koichi Sakamoto, every one of GC’s gun kills is dynamic and in your face. The fights tell a story in and of themselves, especially in Gun Caliber’s fight against the Tengu (played by choreographer Joey Min) near the end of the movie. It’s an excellent example of progression in epic final battles that people should take note of.

A fantastic movie for adult fans of Henshin Heroes or even action movie fans looking to expand their frontiers, Gun Caliber is definitely up your alley. It’s got the brass to back up its sass and aims to kill your sides with its depraved hilarity. Only time will tell when he’ll come to your home in DVD form. I believe that with enough support, it can come sooner than later.

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