Announced earlier today at Tokyo’s YouTube Space, Garage Productions will begin work on a mini web-series titled “Hayate: The Ninja Hero of Asakusa” as of February of 2015! The project had been hinted at earlier this year after the release of a teaser trailer on Garage Productions’ YouTube channel, which you can view below.

Hayate will feature the titular local hero as he protects the town of Asakusa from dreadful yokai demons. It will be an action-packed, yet comical venture that will appeal to Tokusatsu and Ninja fans of all ages.

Bueno, the man behind Garage Productions, will handle the action choreography for the series. Other talent attached to the production are actors Keisaku Kimura and Aimi Sekiguchi (the leads in the horror/Yakuza spoof trailer “Yakuzambie”) in villainous roles. Satoshi Imai, writer for Toho’s Super Star Force Sazer-X, will be helming the series’ director’s seat, as well as its script.


The Ninja trend is looking to blossom in this next year and I’ll be sure to keep following this news as it develops down the road! And now… I shall vanish!!


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