I say unto thee a most Triumphant EY! EY! OU!! The Henshin Connection is back and looking to be better than ever!

There has been a slight lull in content here long before the REIMAGINING, but now I can get back to the things I set out to do since I joined the team: ensuring Complete… Henshin… Saturation.

To those unfamiliar with me, hello and welcome! I talk about Japanese heroes that transform into armored and/or technicolor suits of awesomeness! I also talk fighting games and a few other things here and there, but primarily Japanese transforming heroes and why your eyeballs should take them in. Lovingly. lol

That’s all for now, but please stay tuned! I’ve got a few things planned for this part of the site that I’m really looking forward to put into motion. Don’t miss out! TOHH!!

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