The official website for the upcoming game, “Kamen Rider Battride War: Genesis “, was updated yesterday. On the site’s ‘About‘ section, the game’s premise, which can already be surmised by viewing the trailer, is now put in writing. Below, you can find my translation of this new information.


“Amidst a decisive battle against a Kaijin army, Kamen Rider #1 dissolves into thin air as he unleashes his Rider Kick. A dark red fog envelops the world and the other Kamen Riders begin to vanish from our world, one by one. Only Den-O and Ghost remain. The Kaijin army begins to approach. At that moment, something begins to affect Den-O and they both board the Den-Liner as it races past. Just what could be happening?

Inside the Den-Liner, Ghost, unsure of what to make of the situation, takes hold of several ‘Rider Tickets’ displaying images of the Riders who’ve vanished…”

The page also goes on to confirm that all 26 main character Riders throughout the franchise’s history will be playable, as well as their supporting Rider cast. We’re looking at over 45 playable Kamen Riders! Just the thought of being able to play as every Rider in the Ryuki series constitutes a Musou-style game in and of itself!!

I can’t wait for this one, guys.

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