[KRBWG] Hiroshi Fujioka Returns!!!

Quite possibly the biggest news related to this game thus far, Kamen Rider Battride War will not only be including the long-awaited Showa-era Riders as part of the playable character list, but the game will also include the return of THE original Kamen Rider. Japanese national treasure, Hiroshi Fujioka, the man who portrayed Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider #1, will be voicing the role that zip-lined his name into the annals of stardom in his home country.

But why add the civilian form of Kamen Rider #1 to the game if he won’t be able to transform into his Rider form against the hundreds of grunts standing in his way? That’s where you’re wrong. Takeshi Hongo is the first character in the game franchise’s history to be able to transform from civilian to Rider form, and it’s a total treat for Rider fans to behold.

Additionally, those who purchase the initial print run of the game will get access to a download code for a Takeshi Hongo skin, dressing him in Shocker Combatant garb. This will also add a new mission called the “Shocker HQ Invasion Plan“, a reference to one of the episodes of the classic 1971 series!

Here are some screenshots below depicting Takeshi Hongo’s in-game transformation!











The hype… has never been more real.

Keep it tuned here for more updates!

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