[KRBWG] Special Message from Shun Nishime

More updates in the Kamen Rider video game camp!

The official site for Kamen Rider Battride War: Genesis has been updated to feature a special message from the new Rider, Ghost! Right off the heels of the new series’ debut, young actor Shun Nishime, who portrays the titular hero, Takeru Tenkuuji, shared a special message for everyone.


Message translated (by me): “Kamen Rider Ghost has begun! Please show your support through this next year! Even on the stage of Kamen Rider Battride War: Genesis, my life will burn bright!!”

Don’t forget to peep these new screenshots, too!


"Don't forget about our upcoming Movie War crossover!"
“Don’t forget about our upcoming Movie War crossover!”


I managed to catch the debut of Ghost yesterday, but I’ll review the first episode once a subbed version hits the web. Thankfully, the good chaps at Over-Time don’t disappoint. Keep it tuned here for more updates!!

Image source: KR Battride War Official Site (Special)

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