League of Legends: Shurima, Rise of the Ascended! Azir Released!

League of Legends has been on a role with it’s new lore, game mode, and characters! The Shurima storyline has been fleshed out with two beautifully rendered scenes. The Ascension game mode, available until the 21st of September, pits summoners in a struggle for Ascension, and the new champion Azir, brings it all together!

Claim Ascension for yourself by playing the latest Featured Game Mode. Learn more about the game mode and exclusive icons you can earn in Ascension mode at the Shurima website!

Scroll after scroll in Noxian libraries chronicle the power buried within Shurima. Now Cassiopeia thinks she’s found the key. Learn how the saga began.

As Sivir bleeds onto scorching sands, she inches closer to a discovery that will change everything she knows about herself – and transform the course of history.

Azir, Emperor of the Sands is now available in game!

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