MARVEL’s “Civil War” Heading to the Big Screen!?!

MARVEL comics have teased the return of the “Civil War” story line in 2015, which has previously featured the clash of Captain America Vs Iron Man against each other in a battle that pits hero fundamentals against each other! Here we have that very image!

civil war

Next comes the news, that Variety is reporting, concerning Robert Downey Jr. joining the cast for Captain America 3 which will purposefully set the stage for the crossover battle Civil War on the big screen!

If this is the case, it would legitimize many rumors about the original Avengers team not being present for “The Avengers 3” but for a future production instead. Also, earlier this month, rumors were rampant that Downey Jr. would be in for Iron Man 4 but this turned out to not be the case (after many publications jumped the gun and reported so) but that instead he would be present as Iron Man for future productions. This is HUGE news as fans have been begging to see this dream battle since the notion of an interconnected movie universe was revealed. Although I’d rather see the original Avengers team finish off what would have been a perfect trilogy by fighting Thanos alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and upcoming heroes like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, I’ll see how MARVEL handles what’s to come next!

cap iron manOf course, we will continue reporting on what’s to come with MARVEL’s phase 3 as news is released!

Captain America 3 is set to be released May 6, 2016!

Source: MARVEL, Variety

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