Meet the New Kamen Rider: Drive!!

With the end of Kamen Rider Gaim approaching in the next few months, news on the next iteration of the franchise, Kamen Rider Drive, has been racing through the fandom. Many pictures that have appeared in the past few months have shown far-off snapshots of Toei film crews hard at work with the black/red armored hero and his car, which plays into his design motif.

Now, a few pictures have appeared displaying Drive in the clearest clarity possible! Here he is, ready to take on whatever threat he’s destined to face.


Below is a picture of a figure in the Drive toy line to be released in the future, complete with 18 movable parts and 2 tires included.


Note that Drive is listed here as “Type: Speed”, making his subsequent form changes, however many there are, will be referred to as Types.

More info to come as it comes!

Source: The Tokusatsu Network

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