Second Monster Confirmed in Godzilla?!?

From the moment Legendary Pictures voiced that they would be bringing Godzilla back to the big screen rumors have been running rampant.

One of the biggest questions Kaiju fans have asked is “Will Godzilla be fighting another monster?”. Early promotional descriptions of the film would describe the new movie as “Humanity protecting themselves against Godzilla and other monsters.”, leading many to believe there would be more than one monster in the movie. Now, any Godzilla films that have had american hands on it generally only portray Godzilla alone. Examples, Godzilla 1985 and that one Godzilla movie in 1998 that never happened. =D
However, now that Legendary Pictures have released their 2nd full trailer for Godzilla (2014) AND pictures have been surfacing online of new toy lines for the movie, your good ol’ pal Cristafurion is here to put kaiju and kaiju together.
Here are some of the pictures surfacing online of the new toy line, featuring a second monster being called “Muto”.
…and even little chibi Muto and Godzilla…
Now, after seeing these pictures and watching the new trailer, it’s very apparent to me that Muto WILL be appearing in the new Godzilla movie. Check out these stills from the 2nd trailer and judge for yourself.
First up, we have this shot of something falling from the sky while the army is firing everything they have at it. I’ve seen people theorize that it may be a bomb… yeah, a bomb that we need to viciously stop with constant fire.
Considering that it’s aiming downward in a free fall, it easily looks like the top of Muto’s head and shoulders?… if that’s what you want to call them.
Next up, we have the object finally hitting the water after the free fall. People have mentioned that this is Godzilla’s tail but last I checked he didn’t have two tails with jagged edges. It seems like Muto is giving the American army a run for it’s money.
Who’s a good kaiju?… you are! /pets Muto
Lastly for Muto, there’s this scene with a giant “foot” slamming onto the ground while people scatter. Now if this doesn’t sell you on the fact that Muto WILL appear in the movie, then I don’t know what will. It’s the exact “foot” as Muto’s toy picture.
Exciting times!
Thinking back on the trailer and seeing how they try and make it seem like humanity is trying to take down Godzilla alone, I ponder how they’ll introduce this second monster and in what way will the people in the movie respond. Then I remember this scene which now has become a staple for the movie posters. The flares…
In every Godzilla film where humanity needs to use Godzilla to get rid of opposing monsters, the people have to lead him directly to where he needs to fight. We all know Godzilla is the KING of Monsters and he ain’t taking no shit from some other Kaiju.
While thinking why the army would be shooting flares at him, I figured they’d just be markers to possibly bomb him? Maybe… but after confirming Muto in the film I think that they may in fact be using the flares to grab Godzilla’s attention and lead him to where Muto is to have Godzilla hand him his ass.
Movies generally add extra characters to toy lines than actually appear in the film to make them larger in order to sell more items, but this time it seems there’s a point to having Muto figues! We’ll have to wait and see when the movies premiers May 16th, but until then it’s hella fun seeing these tiny hints surfacing and building up the hype for the King of Monster’s legendary return to the big screen! -Crista
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