SPEAK UP: What Do You Like About Heroes?

My struggle for my fiancee to understand and enjoy the awesomeness that is Kamen Rider has been a daunting, yet fun experiment.

She’s watched 18-19 episodes of Gaim and couldn’t get past the dancing teams aspect. Needless to say, she stopped, just as the very foundation of the story begins to change.

Since she got a British Shorthair cat a little while ago, I suggested that we give Kamen Rider W a try. I figured “She knows about the British Shorthair in the show, maybe she’ll like it” and whaddya know? She likes it after about 3 episodes.

Granted, my fiancee is no superhero fan, but she tells me that the fact that Shotaro, one half of Kamen Rider W, has a job (detective) in his story’s world is what makes him relatable, while Gaim’s titular hero, Kouta doesn’t appeal to her because he and his friends are a bunch of frivolous youngsters with no responsibility. The series’ fruit armor motif doesn’t help matters all that much.

I’ve been ruminating on this for a bit and it got me thinking: what makes a great hero show to you? What makes a bad hero show to you? Its story? Its gimmicks? Its cast of characters? Its special effects? Leave a comment below, email me (henshinhost@cristafurion.com) or drop a line at my Twitter (@RedKingKaiser6) so that some dialogue can be opened here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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