TEKKEN 7 Trailers Galore!

While Capcom are busy making the world excited for the PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V, the folks at Bandai Namco Games have uploaded some new trailers showcasing the arcade build for the next numbered iteration of the TEKKEN franchise. These trailers are nothing short of amazing visual marvels, showing off a level of visual excellence in stage designs that clearly rival their previous effort, TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. The character models also look as incredible as one would expect from the TEKKEN camp, even with the somewhat stiff animations that you could call commonplace for TEKKEN gameplay. You’ll find many returning favorites joining the fray, including Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, Hwoarang, Ling Xiaoyu, Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch, as well as newcomers Claudio Serafino and Katarina Alves.

Another new fighter will be joining the cast as well, though recent Internet-based backlash has prompted the Tekken team to keep this character Japan-exclusive. Meet the newest of the TEKKEN newcomers, Lucky Chloe!

Will you get ready for the next battle?

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