The C2E2 2015 Insidious 4D Experience

New York, NY – May 2, 2015 – While at C2E2 this year my producer and photographer would be the ones to drag my chubby little butt to the insanely long line at the Incidious trailer. I’m being very serious, this was a huge parked trailer inside of Chicago’s McCormick Place. Whilst signing waivers and giving my life up to this ominous experience. I couldn’t help but ask John and Andy why I’m signing my life away to which they just laughed and never actually replied.

Without trying to ruin it for you, it is well worth the once go around. Its quick and you get a nice picture of you getting the POOP scared out of yourself.

For a better detailed story on how this went and why Erick cried listen to our C2E2 Review.




2015-05-02 18.55.53 IMG_20150424_170220


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