Tokyo Game Show has been in effect for a few days and there’s been plenty of awesome news popping up. More then anything, however, I’ve been focused on fighting game content and it seems TGS had delivered!

Anticipation for the new Guilty Gear game continues to climb higher than ever. Hot off the floor of Tokyo Game Show, ArcSystemWorks has shared their newest announcement trailer for the PS3/PS4 game “Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-“. There’s plenty of new footage to be found here, including new inclusions Sin Kiske and the recently-revealed Elphelt. Get Hype and Let’s Rock!

On the American front, Iron Galaxy, the developers for the second season of Xbox One’s Killer Instinct, have shared a trailer featuring the return of KI2’s jungle fighter, Maya, into the modern fold. It’s certainly impressive to see Maya once again after all these years and looking quite fantastic, design-wise. She’ll be available at the launch of Season 2 on October 15.

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