Tribeca Games – League of Legends Jane Rosenthal Interview

For the first time Riot Games, along with Tribeca, is pulling back the curtain and letting people see the creative process that goes into creating League of Legends, a game with a player base of 67 million worldwide. Tribeca has teamed up with Riot Games to launch this new initiative, created to showcase innovation and storytelling in gaming and the day will offer the opportunity to not only explore the creative process behind “League of Legends” but also connect with Riot Games’ designers, artists, producers, and musicians.

Featuring a series of interactive presentations and panel, the event will showcase the developers’ approach to building characters, art, design, music, and stories for “League of Legends.” Program highlights include conversations on game design, champion development, a real-time art demonstration, a performance and talk on League of Legends music, a look into how Riot documents player stories through film, and an interactive space with a lounge area, a fan-created art show curated by Riot, and a cosplay exhibition.

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