What’s got me stoked this week? Fallout 4 is coming!!

So it’s been a long wait. Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t released a game since 2011 (Skyrim oh how I love thee) and we were all hoping it was because of this. There were rumors and snippets, even a teaser site hoax but now it’s finally official and as a vault dweller AND huge Bethesda Softworks fan – I can’t wait to go underground once again with Fallout 4.

(M.J. Disclaimer: I’ll probably have to take a full week off work, cut myself off from the outside world and discontinue any RL relationships at that time. Hmmm… But it’ll be worth it!)

Anyways, if you haven’t already seen it – take at the look at the trailer released on Wednesday:

I am SO stoked watching this. Web consensus is that the new setting is Boston. Being from New Zealand and not having any prior knowledge of the city, it’s surrounding areas or landmarks; I’m looking forward to learning all that geographical information from the game – just as I did with Fallout 3 and the Washington DC area.  See? You CAN learn something educational from video games!

Speaking of Fallout 3 – I  have started replaying the GOTY edition on my new Star Wars Limited Edition X Box 360  (um, it makes R2D2 noises) just so I can get some kind of fix until Fallout 4 comes out. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Here is the official Bethesda Softworks News Page if you wanna check out their Press Release. Full details will be revealed (including the world premiere of the game) during Bethesda’s E3 showcase on June 14th. Tune in at 7pm PST via live streaming on Youtube and Twitch. Let’s see if the speculation and theories from articles such as this one from Kotaku end up being right on the money.

In the meantime?
Feast your eyes on these full resolution in-game screenshots and this awesome 4k screenshot from Bethesda’s blog site.

Kia Kaha Nerd/Geeks!
Keep gaming and when it comes to Fallout 4, you can be sure to Believe The Hype 🙂

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