Why is Rhodey in Avengers: Age of Ultron but not Iron Patriot??

From the moment Avengers: Age of Ultron was announced last year, fans have been desperately seeking more and more information behind the film. Who’s in it? Who’s not?

Slowly but surely MARVEL began releasing stills from the movie showing the entire team… from Iron Man and Thor to new comers like Quicksilver and Vision. One among them, who was also not present during the last Avengers film with no excuse, was Rhodey played by Don Cheadle. Fans were excited at the thought of having War Machine join the fight but saw no mention of “War Machine” or “Iron Patriot” anywhere, not even a still of the armor. Well… until now.

The Age of Ultron trailer was leaked online today and we think we have the answer to why Rhodey is present in the film but not War Machine/Iron Patriot.

iron patriot

Looks a lot like the Iron Patriot armor doesn’t it? Blue and white body with red lining included! Seems like Ultron, Avengers logo on his chest and all, was tired of taking their shit and destroys the first thing he see’s… probably Rhodey’s armor. Looks like Ultron didn’t have to “hack in” to the armor by using “WARMACHINEROX” in order to take care of it.

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